Managing Your Security Cameras with One Account Login

All security camera installations are not the same. Sometimes, technology can be too techie. If you have ever tried buying electronics that are not intuitive, that are designed by engineers rather than users, you know what we mean.

Our lives are complicated enough and ease-of-use is a premium, especially when there are so many choices out there. We know our customers are busy, so we keep on top of the latest technology and systems in security cameras, cabling, interfaces and software.

Uniview EZStation Software for Houston Security Camera Installation

Currently, we love the way the Uniview UNV camera system works. We often install multiple recorders that integrated via a cloud access system with your favorite device – iPhone, iPad, or computer.

Other systems that may include seven different cameras, for example, would require seven different logins to see and manage each camera. This both discouraging and inconvenient to use each day.

We like to provide our customers with an account-based system they can operate. Behind the scenes, Uniview has technically combined all of your cameras in your system to one account.

With your consolidated account, we tie each camera to the account. After installing the security cameras, we show you how to easily manage the camera views and recordings from a simple interface that you control.

Simple and Convenient

The hassle of too much technology that forces us to have too many logins goes away.

We have had customers that have transitioned from their older, messier systems and found the new experience of account-based security camera management extremely valuable. They would not want to go back.

If you want to have the convenience of one login and managing from an easy-to-use app or interface, then let us come and take a look at your setup or scope a new project to help you make your security camera setup both convenient and desirable to use.