What is Structured Cabling?

Structured cabling includes all the network cables that are required for your printers, telephones, computers, and any other network equipment to work together and connect to the Internet.

Every business is unique in terms of their technology needs. Your network will depend on the size of your staff and the business systems in place. We take a look at your overall needs before making plans and setting up your structured cabling.

Organized Efficiently

We are very organized in the way we group and set up cables. We try to minimize the wiring footprint so as not to be cumbersome to the flow and function of your business.

Room to Grow

We install structured cabling for your business in a way that allows growth as your business scales. We label cables properly for easy maintenance and choose technology that is easy to upgrade should the need arise.

Wireless Needs

Even your wireless Internet needs cables! You may have wired connections at work stations, but you still want to have the capabilities of wireless internet.

This is great for connecting to wireless printers and other network equipment. It also gives you free rein of the space so your internet can follow you into any room for meetings and presentations. You can also connect to secure WiFi using devices such as cell phones and tablets.

Types of Cables We Use

We cable new and old buildings with Cat 5e/6/6a shielded & unshielded for phone, video & data as well as coaxial cable for TV, analog systems and Wilson Pro cell phone boosters. In the server room we take great care to install clean and organized patch panels with cables & runs identifiable for easy use and troubleshooting.

From installing the correct length patch cables to configuring your routers & switches, we provide a complete IT experience so you can focus on your business instead of worrying about IT issues.

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