Every business in Houston needs a quality network in order to keep connectivity and productivity constant with fast service. You want to make sure to set up your network in a simple, but robust way that allows for updates, as hardware continues to update significantly every 2-3 years. We offer professional network equipment installation service to set up your business network properly. You do not have to worry about expensive breaks or lags in your IT systems.

We install, configure, and connect all your routers and switches in a organized and unobstructive way so that they run smoothly. This allows for easy cleaning and maintenance and updates as your business grows.

Wireless Access Points

Wireless access points are used to connect all routers, WiFis and switches for your Houston Business.

There are a couple brands that we trust to install for your business, such as Ubiquiti and LigoWave. Ubiquiti’s software is able to sync all other products from the company. Thus, any router or switch you have installed will be instantly connected to the WAP. LigoWave allows for distance to be overcome through point to point installation. You would be connected via wireless rather than cables.


ubiquiti switch houston camera installation

A switch is one of the most essential pieces of hardware you need for network connection. It allows networked devices to communicate with each other and exchange information. All devices connected to a network, like security cameras, printers, and computers will be in sync with one another.

There are a few different types of switches: managed, unmanaged, and smart switches, and we will let you know which would work best for your particular business.

Ubiquiti is one of our favorite brands to use for switches. Their products are exceptional. Their switches are fully equipped with VLAN configuration so that they can access any software interface.

Cisco also carries another line of reputable switches that we like to install. They tend to be more economical and have a lifetime warranty. They are great for large-scale businesses that run operations on a 24 hour basis.


untagle router houston camera installation

What is the difference between a router and a switch? A router essentially allows all your smart devices to connect to the internet. It is connected to two or more data lines from different networks. It prioritizes the flow of data – including web browser and email usage.

Most routers now have WAP built in which allows for them to become a WiFi device.

We prefer the routers from Untangle. They are user friendly and have a router operating system. This allows for the creation of a personalized server that amps up the performance of the router.

Ubiquiti has an installed software that allows for all hardware to be synced, controlled and updated from a single site. Its app can also ensure proper installation in a matter of minutes.