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We offer the best Security Camera Installation in Houston TX for small to midsize businesses.

We have a long-term record with extremely satisfied clients. They rely on us for our expert advice and timely service. They trust our experience to deliver security camera installations with quality and efficiency. We are often hired by companies for repeat installations at multiple locations.

Expert Advice for Installing Security Cameras for Your Business


We walk all our clients through a simple process to find out what is best for their business.

We will answer questions like:

  • What type of security cameras are best for my business?
  • Where are the best locations to install the security cameras?
  • What other networking equipment is necessary for a successful installation and business?
  • What is the total cost for the installation?

We offer you a FREE QUOTE based on the types of cameras you need and how many you need on your property. As certified professionals. we are careful to respect your property and deliver quality installations.

Benefits of Security Cameras For Your Houston Business

There are several benefits to installing security cameras on your commercial property. Security Cameras allow you to:

  • Identify intruders or unauthorized personnel.
  • Avoid internal theft or crime
  • Encourage upright behavior from your own employees.
  • Review the recordings and zoom in on the footage to see what happened.
  • Monitor your cameras remotely – even with multiple locations.

Best Equipment + Best Service

We have chosen to partner with the best CCTV products in the industry. These security cameras are the most elegant and durable and offer the best quality of video.

Uniview offers cameras of all sizes and function to cover areas from small offices to large parking lots. Their products include dome 180 or 360 degree cameras, IP cameras, cameras with night vision or motion sensor capacity, and cameras that are vandal-resistant. Some of the cameras can be eye-level cameras, people counting systems, low light cameras, or LPR (License Plate Cameras).

We would make our best recommendation depending on the security needs of your business.

We do not recommend using WiFi based cameras, as connections are unpredictable, and you could lose signal at important times. We hard-wire your systems to ensure ultimate safety and surveillance. Megapixel IP cameras and cloud storage are the best products in the industry.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

There are several ways to view your footage, but the best way to monitor is to have an IP based camera with an onsite NVR (Network Video Recorder), which we’d recommend versus a DVR (Digital Video Recorder).

This allows you to stream the footage back with clarity and ease. Uniview offers a special platform which allows your to access multiple locations under one main account, which you can access via phone, tablet, laptop, etc.

Benefits of an NVR (Network Video Recorder)

Cable Large Areas – NVRs allow you to cable across large retail space as the IP cameras can connect to Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches/devices which do not need to be wired directly back to the recorder. Using Point-to-Point wireless connections allows cameras to be installed up to 1000 ft away from the main building and still connect to the NVR.

Easy Configuration – You can use the IP address of the camera to configure and access the IP cameras and NVR. In addition, and IP camera can also be configured from its web interface without even adding it to a recorder. The resolution, brightness, frames per second, bitrate, and security options, etc. are easily accessible.

Remote Power – Because IP cameras are powered through a smart network device, they can be remotely powered off & on through the interface of the smart device which can allow for greater troubleshooting capability.

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